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The Weekly Post – READ BY 60,000 PEOPLE EVERY WEEK

The Weekly Post hits the stands of top supermarkets and hundreds of other pick-up points every Wednesday. As the first free newspaper in English on the street every week, it gives advertisers a huge advantage over competitors.

Part of an editorial group launched in 1971 that includes prestigious paid-for titles Costa Blanca News and Costa Levante News, The Weekly Post includes regional and local news stories, features, valuable information and much more written by a team of professional writers.

Customers and readers can rely on our top quality distribution that guarantees POD (Proof Of Delivery) at each of its over 250 pick-up points from Oliva to La Manga.

Costa Blanca Main Office:
Rotativos del Mediterráneo, S.L.
Pol. Ind. Finestrat, C/ Alicante, 39
E-03509 Finestrat (Alicante)
Tel: +34 965 855 286
Email: info@weeklypost.es
Email: editor@theweeklypost.es

Noticias Agencia Mediterráneo S.L.
Pol. Ind. La Cala, Calle Campello 23 E-03509 Finestrat (Alicante)

Display Ads:
Tel: + 34 617 369 005
Fax: + 34 966 830 453
Email: advertising@weeklypost.es

Small Ads Costa Blanca North:
Tel: + 34 617 369 426
Fax: + 34 966 830 453
Email: smallads@cbnews.es

Small Ads Costa Blanca South:
Rambla Juan Mateo, 26
03181 Torrevieja (Alicante)
Tel: +34 627 369 441
Email: info-t@cbnews.es

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  • NOTICIAS AGENCIA MEDITERRÁNEO, S.L. does not accept responsibility directly or indirectly for the text published in the advertisement nor does it accept responsibility for any errors made in the publication for said advertisements or the non-appe­arance of the same.
  • PAYMENT METHOD: Payment of advertisements shall be made in accordance with the following terms: Contracts for weekly or fortnightly advertising with a specific duration: the total amount shall be made in a single payment at least seven days prior to the publication of the first advertisement. Cont­racts of indefinite duration: all adverts shall be paid at least seven days prior to the publication of the same. Noticias Agencia Mediterráneo, S.L. reserves the right to cancel adverts in the event of non-payment, and this in no circumstance shall lead to a breach of contract on their part.
  • NOTICIAS AGENCIA MEDITERRÁNEO, S.L. reser­ves the right to postpone the publication of an advert should space not be available or whenever an advert has not been received sufficient time in advance prior to publication, in this event it will be placed in the next edition. Postponement of an advert will not entitle the advertiser to terminate the publicity contract and the same shall be duly advised to the advertiser by the usual method employed between the parties (letter, email, fax).
  • Early contractual resolution at the advertiser‘s re­quest. Should the advertiser decide to terminate the contract before it‘s termination date, interrupting the agreed publications, such termination will not result in the refund of any amount.
  • Termination of contract at the request of the ad­vertiser: Contracts of a defined duration shall expire and terminate automatically on the expiration of the agreed term. Regarding contracts of indefinite durati­on, Noticias Agencia Mediterráneo, S.L., without any notice, will suspend pending advertisements should the advertiser fail to make two consecutive pay­ments on or before the due date. When the payment method chosen is by bank cheque or by promissory note, and the same is still outstanding once the advertisement has been published, Noticias Agencia Mediterráneo, S.L. will terminate the contract and thereby be entitled to reclaim the amount due, and apply interest on such amount at a rate of 10% cal­culated per month until the date of settlement.
  • Prices quoted in the contract are net, VAT excluded.
  • The advertiser, as an individual, expressly decla­res that he/she enters into this contract in their own name, right and under their own responsibility, account and liability, and therefore they shall be entirely responsible for, both personably and jointly together with the company they duly represent, in the event that the present contract is breached.
  • Choice of court: Any reclamation in respect of inter­pretation or fulfilment of the contract is subject to the jurisdiction of the court and tribunals of Benidorm and subsequent authorities.
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